Tiden (magazine)

Quarterly political magazine in Sweden

Editor-in-chiefPayam Moula
CategoriesPolitical magazine
PublisherTankesmedjan Tiden
FounderHjalmar Branting 22
Based inStockholm

Tiden (Swedish: The Times) is a quarterly theoretical political journal published in Stockholm, Sweden, since 1908. It is organ of the Social Democratic Party. Its original subtitle was Tidskrift för socialistisk kritik och politik (Swedish: Journal of Socialist Criticism and Politics). It is later changed to Socialdemokratisk idé- och debattidskrift (Swedish: Magazine of the Social Democratic Views and Debate).

History and profile

Tiden was established by the Swedish social democrat politician Hjalmar Branting in 1908.[1][2] It is an official publication of the Social Democratic Party.[3][4]

Tiden was a monthly publication from 1908 to 1917.[4] In the period between 1918 and 1929 it came out eight times per year.[4] Then it was published ten times per year from 1930 to 1992.[4] From 1999 its frequency was switched to bimonthly.[4] It is published by Tankesmedjan Tiden, a leftist think tank founded in 2006, on a quarterly basis.[5] The magazine is headquartered in Stockholm.[1]

Editors and contributors

Many leading politicians from the Social Democratic Party edited Tiden, including its founder Hjalmar Branting.[4] The others included Pierre Schori and Gösta Edgren.[6] Since March 2018 its editor-in-chief has been Payam Moula.[2]

The contributors of Tiden have been mostly members of the party.[6] One of them was Birgitta Dahl who published articles on gender equality.[7] However, it also has had international contributors such as German political scientist Fritz Croner who used the term planned economy for the first time in Tiden during World War I referring to German economic planning.[8] A well-known Swedish economist Gunnar Myrdal also contributed to Tiden publishing articles on the planning of economy in Sweden.[8]


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